Ruby.... The Kind Hearted Woman

Meet Ruby, our special cast brass kitty. 

Several years ago, we were asked by the Georgia State Railroad Museum in Savannah Georgia to create a special series of charms based on hobo symbols. Hobo symbols? Apparently, we have a unique pictographic language here in America that was created by the Hobos (men who took to traveling the rails during the Depression to look for work) to communicate with each other. 

They used these symbols to mark boarding houses, fences, sidewalks, and peoples' homes to guide their fellow travelers to safe harbor, medical help, work, and community.

We worked with the museum to create these charms, hand carving and molding them.  We chose certain symbols that we felt resonated with the history of the time as well as modern day.  

But would these charms work outside the railroading community? Could we take these pieces to art shows and have them resonate with people today? Well, stay tuned, to find out how our kitty came to be named Ruby and what other symbols we have created.